Fort Mills, SC

Financial Board

 Myles Kilbey

Myles Kilby, of Myles Kilby & Associates, provides tax planning, bookkeeping, company structure, and services to handle all accounting needs. Myles graduated from the College of Coastal GA with a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration (BBA). Since 2014, Myles is also an ordained minister, who takes part in Church ministry. As an itinerant speaker in the United States and abroad, he is best known as a Prophet with a prophetic teaching gift. Myles and his wife, Nathalie, stay in the Golden Isles with their family.  His core values provide strength and value to both the Marketplace and Church Government; Myles serves as a liaison for the ever-changing social paradigm shifts.

Clay Hoffman

Clay Hoffman, of Coastal Kingdom Financial, has been in the insurance and investment industry since 2001. He served at the International Seafarers Center ministry and is currently an elder at The Remnant Church. Clay resides in the Golden Isles along with his wife and three daughters.



Linda Ring