Fort Mills, SC


Our Mission

Journeys of Choice is a 501C3 Care and Equipping ministry that will offer shelter to women of all walks of life who are facing an unplanned pregnancy. We are loving, caring, and non-judgmental, but we believe that God values all life, even from conception.

By creating an atmosphere of prayer and dependence on God, Journeys of Choice, Inc. commits to saving the lives of unborn children while also offering courage, assistance, and healing to each woman we serve.

Through counseling, parenting classes, or directing you to alternatives like adoption, we commit to empower women to choose life for themselves and their unborn child.

Our Vision

Our purpose is to help you at the crossroads of your journey to choose life!

About Donna Grisham’s Redemption Story

Donna Grisham“And they overcame him by the blood of the Lamb, and by the word of their testimony; and they loved not their lives unto the death.”
Revelation 12:11

Most people know about the two abortions I had, and how it was only THE BLOOD OF JESUS that delivered me from the shame, the guilt and condemnations of those choices, but I would like to tell you how, if it wasn’t for Jesus intervening in my life, not only would I be dead, but my son Matthew Aaron would not have had the chance to live, to marry his beautiful wife and have my precious grandson. 

You see, for a third time, I found myself pregnant and at that same crossroad I had been twice before. I had allowed someone else to influence the last two choices, and yet here I was once more, at that same crossroad, what choice would I make, The choice of life or the choice for death? 

Pregnant again, fearful, and desperate to find someone that could help me, I went to my pastor and told him I was pregnant. I am so grateful that I had a pastor, that stood for life. My pastor encouraged me to know at that moment there was only ONE choice for me to make and that was the choice of LIFE, but with choosing life I was faced with the choice of “Adoption or Keeping my baby”.  I look back and am so thankful for him and the Godly advice I was given that day. 

I was able to go to Heritage Home for Girls in Fort Mill, SC on the grounds of PTL and seek God on the decision I needed to make concerning my baby. During the time I was there, God gave me a vision of me holding a baby and handing it to Him and walking away. I thought that meant I was going to adopt my baby. However, that weekend, I got a pass to go home for a visit. I got up early the next morning and began packing to take a Greyhound bus from Charlotte, NC to my hometown Brunswick, GA. As I was packing, I heard the Lord say, “Take everything with you, you won’t be coming back.” I did not understand, but I did exactly what I was told. 

After an exceptionally long ride on the bus, I finally arrived, and my mom picked me up at the bus station and we went to her house and went to bed because it was so late.

The next morning, my mom said, “Let’s go get some breakfast, but I want to show you something first at the furniture store.” I thought it was going to be a piece of furniture for her house. As we went in the store, we both were looking around and then my mom called me over to look at a piece of furniture she had picked out. To my surprise it was a crib. She asked me, “Donna, what do you think of this?” At first, I thought it was a trick question and I hesitated to answer and then my mom said, “Donna, The Lord has told me to do everything I can to help you raise this baby.  And she did just that. She was the best Nana to my son ever. She loved him dearly and he loved her dearly. Another part of God’s Redemptive Plan in my life.

Matthew married his best friend Jackie, my beautiful daughter in love and then they had my precious grandson, Aaron. Another part of God’s Redemptive Plan in my life.

Everyone has a story of God’s Redemptive Plan for their lives. He can and WILL intervene!